Confessions of a Novice Boat Builder

In case you want to learn even more about my trials and tribulations as a boat builder, I am now writing a monthly column for Duckworks, an online magazine devoted to boat building. In the December column I reveal my secret wish to sail away to exotic lands and describe some of the more adventuours trips undertaken by Pocket Cruiser builders.

Be sure to check out past columns:

For a quick introduction my whole project, start with my June 2009 column, “Why Be Timid and Conventional?

The unique challenges of boatbuilding are are revealed in my July 2009 essay, What is Boatbuilding?

The August 2009 column focuses on the design philosophy of Pete Steveson, my boat’s designer.

Inspired by a comment posted on this blog, my November 2009 column reflects on the seemingly irrational urge to build.

One Response to Confessions of a Novice Boat Builder

  1. Bob says:

    “why be a timid conventional?” i am also building a sailboat. im building a meadow bird 16. not to meny boat builders around were i live. its very suportive to vist other boat builder sites. thanks for the insperation. come see my boat on wordpress: search :”meadow bird 16″.

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