New sailing video posted

With help from Matthew, my video-savvy son, I am posting our second sailing video on YouTube. It features more and more extensive shots of the boat and its performance on Lake Nockamixon this past week.


5 Responses to New sailing video posted

  1. Terry Barrington says:

    Hi, to stop turnbuckles, well, turning, just drill a hole on the end of the threaded pins and put a split pin in. Bend the split pin open and the buckle can no longer turn as the pin can’t turn against the buckle as the split pin is in the way. Hope that makes sense..

    Cheers Terry.

  2. Hee Paul,
    What’s up Mate?
    Where’s your next message and the next video and so on?
    Hope all is well and looking forward to the follow up.
    Greetings Joost
    a fellow diy’r

  3. kevin says:

    Any updates from this summer?

  4. David H. says:

    Hi Paul,

    Are you still there ??? Everything OK? What, no glorious posts about triumph in sailing Lake Cayuga? 🙂 David

  5. Yvonne Hiebert says:

    I just found your blog and watched the video–what fun!

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