With clear skies and a steady breeze, I decided to seize an opportunity and take the boat for a test ride. There is much to say about this momentous event, but I decided to first post a short video, which captures the excitement, confusion, and sheer silliness of our inaugural four-hour sail.

If you are impatient for news, it’s enough to say that the boat floated, sailed, and was all I hoped it would be. Take a quick look at this video while I work on my written report.



9 Responses to Launched!

  1. Gilzmo says:

    And they (I) said it couldn’t (wouldn’t) be done. I lift a warm truck-bed Budweiser and half-eaten bag of Cheetos to you, Sir. Well done.

    • Paul Boyer says:

      Hey, great to hear from you! I thought you gave up on me a year or so ago. Don’t you owe me a case of cheap beer or something?

      • Gilzmo says:

        Actually, I only offered the suggestion that you drink a case of Belgian beer while burning your miserable half-built boat. Obviously you failed to heed my wise counsel, and look at you now. You have only yourself to blame.

      • Paul Boyer says:


  2. Bob Denman says:

    Congratulations Paul! That film tells it all. You did a real fine job building that boat, and I know you are going to have a ton of fun sailing it.

  3. Tom Raidna says:

    Congratulations Paul, the video clearly shows the family having a blast, I will update the link to your page appropriately.

    Tom Raidna

  4. Ed Hollett says:

    Congratulations! I have been following your blog for quite a while and was thrilled to see the boat on the water. I have to say tracking this vessel under construction there I was not too optimistic about the finished product. Well I was not only pleasantly surprised but actually impressed! I thought your boat looked super. I would like to suggest a name (if you haven’t already selected one). I lifted this from one of your blogs “romantic notion”. Like you said it sort of describes to whole idea in the first place, “build a boat sail away”. Thanks again for sharing this experience with me. Happy Sailing … Ed Hollett

  5. Finally…. congratulations. I didn’t really think you would finish it either. So, whats the next project?

    • Paul Boyer says:

      Thanks. I guess I had my doubts, too. Next project? Actually, I have about ten new projects in mind, but I’d like to try a traditional plank-on-frame boat. As I’m sure you know, they are often planked with…southern yellow pine. Do you have any extra boards?

      But first, I need to complete this adventure, which includes both building a boat *and* sailing away. I’m starting to plan for my mini “cruise.” I thought it would be in the Chesapeake, but I might head into the Finger Lakes and canals of New York. More about this later…

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