Here we go again…

As I begin my third spring as a novice boat builder, I’m starting to realize how fully my enthusiasm is shaped by the seasons. Winter is a time for second guesses and self recrimination. What, I wonder, have I gotten myself into? Who cares about boats? Midlife insanity must be the only explanation.

But as soon as the air warms and the grass starts to turn green, I find myself irresistably drawn to boat building web sites  and, as predictable as crocuses, I feel the tug of the boat itself, pulling me out to the garage and compelling me to pick up my tools. Within hours, I am once again dreaming of my long-planned trip down the Chesapeake.

Two days of sun and mild temperatures worked their magic and the result was a trip to the hardware store and a full afternoon of work. But before I begin another season of blog posts, I thought I should post a few photos showing what the boat looks like just before I get down to work. In the coming weeks, if possible, I plan to finish painting the cockpit, make the polytarp sail, install the mast, and attaching all of the many lines and pulleys that will hold it all together.


2 Responses to Here we go again…

  1. Tom Raidna says:

    Great Progress Paul!!!
    What brand of paint did you decide on?

    Keep up the good work


  2. DIY Boats says:

    Wow man. This is awesome. You trully are a master boat builder. Your little boat is beautiful. I like the colors and shape of it a lot!

    Regards, Leon

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