When Good Boats Go Bad

According to a recent story in the New York Times, there is a sudden rash of boat-buyers regret. Expensive boats are being abandoned by owners who can’t afford to maintain them–left to rot in harbors and marshes all along the coast.

It’s a symptom of the deteriorating economy. “The owners cannot sell them, because the secondhand market is overwhelmed. They cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars a month mooring and maintaining them. And they do not have the thousands of dollars required to properly dispose of them.” They go unsold, even at bargin basement prices. Simply put, “they are expensive-to-maintain toys that have outlived their appeal.”

I worry that I might one day feel burdened by my boat. I don’t want my dream to become a ball and chain. But still: Unlike the large and expensive boats featured in the story, my boat is small, cheap and relatively easy to maintain. I don’t need to pay off a loan, carry insurance, or pay rent for storage. Suddenly, I’m feeling considerably smarter than the guy with the blue blazer and captain’s hat.



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